Hormone Therapy for Women

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January 11, 2016

Naturally, men and women have different experiences of their respective midlife hormonal changes. Most women experience a very distinct symptoms of hormone imbalance symptoms including emotional, non-reproductive, and reproductive symptoms.

Most Common Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women Include:

  • Tiredness/Fatigue/Lack of motivation
  • Mood swings
  • Tension, anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disturbances (Insomnia)
  • Decreased libido
  • Decreased mental clarity (fog)
  • Memory loss
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Weight gain (Increased belly fat)
  • Joint pain
  • Memory loss
  • Hot Flashes/Night sweats
  • Migraine/Menstrual headaches

What is BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment using hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally made by your body.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is transforming the lives of women as they enter the later stages of life. It provides an alternative to hormones that are synthetic, such as injectable testosterone, or hormones concentrated from horse urine (Premarin). Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is made by compounding pharmacists in customized dosages based on the individual needs of the patient as opposed to the narrow choices available with mass-produced, or “one size fits all” hormone therapies.

What are BHRT Pellets?

Pellet Therapy uses bioidentical hormone pellets. These Pellets are small, and cylinder shaped, made by compounding pharmacists in customized dosages based on the individual needs of the patient as opposed to the narrow choices available with mass-produced, or “one size fits all” hormone therapies. Pellet Therapy delivers a constant level of hormones throughout the day preventing rollercoaster-like effects from alternative hormones. The pellets contain Bioidentical hormones, which are derived from natural sources. The pellets contain hormones the exact hormones that are found naturally in the human body. Studies have shown that Bioidentical hormones have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.

Pellet Insertion Process

The implantation of hormone pellets is a simple and painless procedure performed under local anesthesia to “numb” the skin. The BHRT pellets are inserted in the upper buttocks by an experienced healthcare provider, through a small incision. Your healthcare provider will determine the correct dosage of hormones that will be used, as evident by results from a blood test.

Benefits of Pellet Therapy for Women

Bioidentical Pellet Therapy offers many benefits to Women over traditional Hormone Replacement Therapies. Bioidentical Pellet Therapy uses hormones that are bioidentical, this means the hormones are the exact same molecular structure as the naturally occurring human hormones. Bioidentical hormones are found in nature and are derived from plants. This implies that Bioidentical Pellet Therapy in women uses hormones that are more natural and often result in fewer negative side effects than those often prescribed by conventional physicians. In addition, bioidentical pellet therapy offers a convivence benefit for women as the pellets remain in the body and release a steady state of hormones that the body requires. In comparison other hormone replacement therapy options such as oral, cream and gels that can be inconsistent in their delivery resulting in a rollercoaster effect in many Women.

Benefits of BHRT in female patients:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced sexual libido
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Reduced body fat
  • Decreased depression/anxiety
  • Healthy sense of well-being
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer night sweats/hot flashes

BHRT also protects from age related conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

What Female Hormone Imbalance Therapies Exist?

There are three paths when choosing any course of medical treatment. The first is the easiest, doing nothing and hoping that you will feel better. The second is going the conventional medicine route and being told your hormones are normal and getting your symptoms fixed by medication, after medication, after medication. The third is to consider the perspective of preventative medicine by optimizing your hormones. Patients report that one of the most effective methods of regaining hormonal balance they have tried is through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets. Pellets can be inserted in a few minutes and are virtually painless. Within seven to ten days after your pellet insertion, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) begins to work, and you will be back to your active lifestyle. They are natural, last three to six months and are available for you to try today. Contact Elite Wellness and Anti-Aging to schedule your consult for BHRT.


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