Alpha Stack


Three of our most popular products, combined into one stack just for you!

CJC/Ipamorelin 1295: This peptide is one of the best anti-aging recovery peptides on the market! Along with body fat reduction, it increases lean muscle mass and improves sleep.

Elite Thermogenic: If you haven’t tried it, now is the time! Our unique Thermogenic formula burns fat for our quickest weight loss product. You won’t regret it.

Glutathione: The “Mother of all Antioxidants”! Want glowing skin, strong nails and hair growth? You will find it in this antioxidant! Glutathione prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals. It rejuvenates you skin, helps with hair growth and cleanses vital organs. Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent aging.

2 month supply: 4 ml vial of CJC/Ipamorelin, 60 capsules of Thermogenic and 10 ml vial of Glutatione

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