Glutathione 200mg/mL


Is often referred to as “the mother of all antioxidants.” It is one of the most talked-about supplements in the healthcare industry…and for good reason. Glutathione is produced and used by every single cell in the human body and therefore, has a very wide range of scientifically-proven health effects. This is a very strong antioxidant that the body makes and uses every day. It prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals, rejuvenates your skin and hair and cleanses vital organs. Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay health and prevent aging.

More Benefits of Glutathione:

  • Promote Cell Health
  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Support Mental Clarity
  • Ease Coughing
  • Reduce Chest Discomfort
  • Promote Cell Detoxification

10 weeks of intramuscular injections (10mL)

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