Testosterone 50mg Oral Troche (mint)


These 50mg testosterone troches are ideal for patients who do not want to mess with injections or find creams to be a hassle.

Advantages to oral troches:

  • Absorbed directly into the bloodstream and gets in & out the system quickly
  • Bypasses the liver (Frist Pass Hepatic Clearance)
  • Allows for lower dosing with the same results due to dividing dose up throughout the day


Oral dosing is required twice daily (take 1/2 troche twice daily). Troches should be placed between the cheek and gum to allow absorption.  Do not drink, eat or brush for 30 min after. Do not brush teeth or use mouth wash for 45 min after. Max dose for daily administration via buccal route is 50mg. Testosterone levels will peak in approximately 30 min and return within 6 hours.

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